What is Array X Dimension

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-08-01

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What is Array X Dimension

Array x dimension is the measurement in inches of the most extreme width of an array in the X axis, including any rails or borders. An array is a grouping of multiple PCBs that are fabricated together on a single panel. The X axis represents the horizontal axis, while the Y axis represents the vertical axis.

The array x dimension is an important parameter used to define the size and layout of an array. It is specified in inches and represents the maximum width of the array, including any additional elements such as rails or borders. These additional elements are often used to provide support and stability to the array during the manufacturing and assembly processes. In addition to the array X dimension, the size and layout of an array are also defined by the array y dimension, which represents the maximum height of the array in the y axis, including any rails or borders.

To ensure accurate manufacturing and assembly, it is crucial to provide a 1:1 outline or a detailed drawing with all the required details for the array. This includes dimensions, tabs, v-scores, fiducials, cut outs, and tooling holes. Fiducials are reference points used for alignment during the assembly process, while v-scores are grooves or cuts made in the PCB to facilitate separation of individual boards from the array. Furthermore, it is important to allow for plating on waste rails to aid with the plating process and protect fiducials. Plating involves depositing a thin layer of metal onto the PCB’s surface to enhance conductivity and protect against corrosion. Lastly, the number of pieces in the array should be divisible by the quantity ordered to ensure efficient manufacturing and assembly. This allows for a consistent number of PCBs to be produced in each array.