What is Drill Hits

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-11-27

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What is Drill Hits

Drill hits refer to the number of times a mechanical drill bit is used to create holes in a PCB before it needs to be replaced or serviced. It is a measure of the lifespan or durability of the drill bit.

Different materials have varying effects on the lifespan of the mechanical drills. For example, on softer materials like FR4, the drills can be used for approximately 800 hits before they need to be replaced. However, on more rigid materials like Rogers, the lifespan of the mechanical drills is reduced to around 200 hits.

Considering the drill hits ensures the quality and reliability of the drilled holes. Ignoring the limitations of the drill hits can result in faulty holes, which can render the entire board useless and lead to scrap.

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