What is Manhattan Length

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-08-01

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What is Manhattan Length

Manhattan length, also known as Manhattan distance or taxicab distance, is a term used to describe the total distance traveled by a wire when it follows a grid pattern to connect two points on a printed circuit board. This distance measurement becomes significant when the two points being measured are not aligned in the same axis with each other.

To calculate the Manhattan length, the X distance(s) and the Y distance(s) between the two points are added together. This is done by summing the absolute differences between the X coordinates and the absolute differences between the Y coordinates. The resulting sum represents the Manhattan length.

The concept of Manhattan length is particularly relevant in the PCB industry because it helps in optimizing the routing of wires on a printed circuit board. By considering the Manhattan length, designers can plan and layout the PCB in a way that minimizes the total wire length, reducing signal delays and improving overall performance.