What is Bed of Nails

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Last Updated: 2023-09-04

What is Bed of Nails

A bed of nails is a test fixture used in the In-Circuit Testing (ICT) process for validating the performance of circuit boards. It is also known as a calm shell or universal grid. The fixture consists of multiple stiff testing fixtures arranged in a matrix-like pattern, resembling a bed of nails.

Bed of nails fixture test ensures excellent contact between the test points on the circuit board and the testing equipment. Each test point on the circuit board is connected to a fixture with springs, which apply pressure to establish a reliable and stable connection. This pressure typically ranges from 100g to 200g.

The bed of nails test is controlled by specialized test software, allowing for programming and configuration of the test points and test signals. This software enables testers to gather information about all the test points on the circuit board, which is crucial for quality control and troubleshooting purposes.

To implement the bed of nails test, the appropriate fixtures are selected and assembled based on the distribution and positions of the test nodes or points on the circuit board. The fixtures are carefully aligned and positioned to ensure accurate and consistent testing results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Bed of Nails Electronics

A bed of nails electronics refers to a conventional electronic test fixture. This testing device consists of multiple pins that are inserted into holes and aligned using tooling pins. These pins make contact with test points on a printed circuit board and are connected to a measuring unit through wires.

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