What is Board House

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-09-11

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What is Board House

A board house is a specialized manufacturer or production facility that focuses on the fabrication and assembly of PCBs. These companies possess the necessary expertise, equipment, and infrastructure to transform PCB designs into functional boards suitable for use in electronic devices.

Board houses are responsible for fabricating the bare boards or PCBs according to customer specifications and requirements. This involves various stages, including the selection of appropriate materials, the application of conductive copper traces, and the creation of vias and pads for component mounting. The fabrication process also encompasses the application of solder mask and silkscreen layers for protection and labeling purposes. They may also offer assembly services, where electronic components are soldered onto the fabricated PCBs. This assembly process can be done manually or through automated machinery, depending on the complexity and volume of the project.

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