What is EMC

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-04

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What is EMC

EMC, or Electromagnetic Compatibility, refers to the ability of electronic devices and equipment to function properly in the presence of electromagnetic interference (EMI) without causing disruption to other devices or being affected by external electromagnetic disturbances. It encompasses the design and testing processes aimed at ensuring that electronic systems can operate successfully in their intended operational environments.

EMC testing is a crucial aspect of the PCB industry, as it helps evaluate the compatibility of electronic devices and equipment with EMI. This testing involves assessing the device’s ability to withstand and operate in the presence of electromagnetic disturbances, such as electromagnetic radiation, radio waves, power supply oscillations, and other electronics’ radiated electromagnetic fields.

In the PCB industry, designers consider both EMI and EMC during the layout process to create circuits that are both EMI-proof and compatible with nearby electronics. Factors such as the nature of transmitted signals, circuit layout, and materials used are taken into account to minimize the impact of EMI on the PCB. Techniques like careful grounding, shielding, and filtering are employed to mitigate EMI effects.

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