What is Fabrication Drawing

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-12

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What is Fabrication Drawing

A fabrication drawing is a detailed document that provides specifications and instructions for the manufacturing of a printed circuit board. It serves as a blueprint or guide for the manufacturers, conveying the necessary details and requirements to ensure the accurate production of the PCB according to the engineer’s design.

The fabrication drawing is crucial in customizing the PCB beyond its basic dimensions and layout. By including the fabrication drawing, engineers can clearly communicate their quality and specification requirements to the manufacturer, allowing for a more precise realization of their envisioned design.

Key information typically included in a fabrication drawing consists of the drawing format, board outline, and identification details. The drawing format specifies the required format for the fabrication drawing, which can vary depending on the CAD system used. The board outline provides the dimensions and shape of the PCB design, including any slots or cutouts. The identification details, such as the drawing identification number, revision level, and creation date, help track and manage the drawing throughout the fabrication process.

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