What is Flat Cable

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-12

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What is Flat Cable

A flat cable, or flexible flat cable (FFC), is a type of electrical wire that is characterized by its flat and flexible design. It is commonly used in high-density electronics applications where space is limited. Unlike traditional round cables, flat cables are thin and have a flat plastic film base with multiple conductors positioned on the surface.

Flat cables serve as direct connections without the need for additional components. They are often found in electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops, where their compact and efficient nature is highly advantageous. These cables provide a space-saving solution for transmitting electrical signals within these devices.

Flat cables should not be confused with flexible printed circuits (FPC). While FFC refers specifically to the flexible and flat wire connections, FPC refers to circuits that are developed on a flexible substrate. Flat cables are crucial in the realm of flexible electronics or flex circuits, offering a flexible and efficient means of wire connections in compact electronic products.

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