What is Fluorocarbon

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-12

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What is Fluorocarbon

In the context of PCBs, fluorocarbon serves as a dielectric material, functioning as an insulator between different layers of the circuit board. This dielectric property enables fluorocarbon to effectively isolate and protect the circuitry from electrical interference and short circuits.

Fluorocarbon has excellent electrical insulation properties, which ensure reliable performance and prevent signal loss. Additionally, fluorocarbon exhibits remarkable resistance to high temperatures, making it suitable for applications that involve heat generation or exposure. This thermal stability allows PCBs to operate efficiently even in demanding environments.

Moreover, fluorocarbon has a low water absorption rate, crucial in preventing moisture-related issues such as delamination or degradation of the PCB. By maintaining its structural integrity and electrical properties in the presence of moisture, fluorocarbon contributes to the overall reliability and longevity of the PCB.

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