What is FPC Outline Processing

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

What is FPC Outline Processing

FPC outline processing refers to the process of shaping and creating the outline of a flexible printed circuit (FPC) board that involves cutting or shaping the board to achieve the desired dimensions and shape. The most commonly used method for FPC outline processing is punching, which is suitable for batch processing of FPC boards with simple shapes. For small batches and FPC board samples, CNC drilling and milling are often used to achieve higher precision.

New processing technologies such as laser etching, plasma etching, and chemical etching have been introduced to meet the demand for higher precision and diversification. These methods offer high position accuracy and are often used in combination with punching. Chemical etching, in particular, is known for its high position accuracy, mass production efficiency, and low process cost. It is suitable for FPC board contour processing, drilling, groove processing, and trimming of related parts.

FPC outline processing may also involve drilling guide holes or positioning holes on the board. These holes aid in the positioning of the board with the line pattern. The most commonly used method for creating these guide holes is drilling based on the positioning marks on the copper foil of the FPC board.

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