What is FR-1

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-12

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What is FR-1

FR-1 is a type of PCB base material. It is a paper-based material that consists of a thin layer of copper over a non-conductive phenolic resin. The “FR” in FR-1 stands for fire retardant, indicating its ability to extinguish fire. This fire-retardant property is crucial in PCBs as they can generate heat and occasionally experience sparks or fires.

In addition to its fire-handling capabilities, FR-1 exhibits excellent electrical specifications and mechanical strength, making it a preferred choice for PCB manufacturers, particularly for single-sided circuit boards. The FR-1 material acts as an insulator, effectively separating the conducting layers of the PCB and providing essential mechanical support to the circuit board.

FR-1 is commonly used in PCB laminates, which are thin panels coated with copper. These copper layers can be milled or etched away, leaving behind traces that serve as connection points for electronic components. Due to its fire-retardant nature, electrical properties, and mechanical strength, FR-1 is widely utilized in the production of PCBs, offering insulation, mechanical support, and fire protection to the circuitry.

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