What is FR-2

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-12

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What is FR-2

FR-2 is a composite material that incorporates a plasticized phenol formaldehyde resin. Similar to FR-1, FR-2 utilizes multiple layers in its construction.

FR-2 has a lower glass transition temperature (TG) of 105˚C, compared to the 130˚C TG of FR-1. This lower TG indicates that FR-2 is more susceptible to heat and may experience changes in its physical properties at lower temperatures.

The term “FR” in FR-2 stands for “Flame Retardant 2.” This designation signifies that the material is designed to be flame retardant and complies with the UL94V-0 standard, which assesses the inflammability of plastic materials. FR-2’s flame retardant properties ensure that it does not propagate fire and has the ability to extinguish flames rapidly when exposed to fire.

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