What is Inter-layer Connection

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

What is Inter-layer Connection

An inter-layer connection is an electrical linkage established between conductive patterns in different layers of a multi-layer printed circuit board. This connection is crucial for enabling the integration and communication of circuits on various layers, allowing for the proper functioning of the PCB.

Vias are utilized to achieve inter-layer connections. Vias are small holes drilled through the inner-layer circuit of the PCB, which are then filled with conductive material. These vias serve as pathways for electrical signals to pass through from one layer to another, facilitating the routing of signals and power between different components and sections of the board.

The quality of inter-layer connections can significantly impact the overall performance of the PCB. Issues such as unintentional radiation and noise coupling can arise, affecting signal integrity and susceptibility to interference. Proper shielding techniques should be employed to mitigate these concerns, particularly when dealing with sensitive and high-power signals.

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