What is Meniscus

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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What is Meniscus

Meniscus refers to the contour or shape of molten solder that is formed due to surface tension forces influenced by wetting. During the soldering process, when the solder is in its liquid state, the shape of the solder joint is automatically established. This final shape is determined by several factors, including the volume of solder present, the surface tension of the solder, and the overall area of wettable land.

A crucial aspect of assessing a solder joint’s quality is the solder meniscus’s observation. This term refers to the desired shape of the solder joint, characterized by a concave contour. To determine the acceptability of the solder joint, visual inspection focuses on the presence of a small contact angle, also known as the wetting angle, which is joined by a tangential curve. The solder meniscus with this specific shape indicates that the solder joint meets the required quality standards.

By analyzing the solder meniscus, professionals in the PCB industry can evaluate the soldering process’s effectiveness and ensure the solder joints’ reliability in electronic components.

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