What is Any Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH)

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-08-14

What is Any Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH)

Any Layer Interstitial Via Hole (ALIVH) is a multi-layer resin board technology developed by Panasonic. This innovative technology enables the implementation of an IVH (Interstitial Via Hole) structure in all layers of the PCB, making it highly suitable for high-density and multi-layer applications.

ALIVH technology plays a crucial role in the development of advanced mobile terminals, such as smartphones, by facilitating high-speed processing of increasingly complex signal requirements. By incorporating interstitial via holes throughout all layers of the PCB, ALIVH allows for efficient routing of signals and power, enabling more intricate chip fanout and supporting the miniaturization trend in the electronics industry.

The advantages of ALIVH technology extend beyond its high-density capabilities. It also offers shorter lead times and environmentally friendly processes, reducing water, power, and CO2 consumption. Recognizing its significance, both Panasonic and AT&S are actively promoting the adoption and development of ALIVH technology in their respective businesses.