What is Aperture List

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-08-14

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What is Aperture List

An aperture list is a comprehensive and detailed compilation of tools or apertures utilized in the manufacturing process of PCBs. This list serves as a crucial reference for specifying the appropriate tool or aperture to be employed for each specific task or operation involved in the PCB fabrication process.

The aperture list is typically associated with Gerber files, which are widely used to outline the necessary actions and locations within the PCB manufacturing process. In conjunction with Gerber files, the aperture list ensures consistency and accuracy throughout the creation of PCB artwork.

When preparing Gerber files, it is essential to include a single, comprehensive aperture list encompassing all layers, rather than separate lists for each layer. This practice guarantees uniformity and precision across the entire manufacturing process.

Tthe requirement for an aperture list varies depending on the file format used. While 274X format files do not necessitate an aperture list, it is essential to include one when utilizing 274D format files. This distinction emphasizes the significance of the aperture list in generating accurate PCB artwork.

Moreover, the aperture list should adhere to specific guidelines. It is recommended that the list be provided in English units and remain unaltered from the software output. Additionally, certain layout packages that generate 274D format files may produce an aperture list with common file extensions such as .rep, .apt, or .apr. In cases where difficulties arise in generating an aperture list, it is advisable to consider utilizing 274X format files as an alternative.