What is Aspect Ratio

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Last Updated: 2023-08-20

What is Aspect Ratio

Aspect ratio is the ratio of the board’s thickness to the smallest feature size on the board. It is a critical parameter in PCB design and manufacturing as it directly impacts the manufacturability, reliability, and performance of the PCB.

Several factors influence the aspect ratio, including the thickness of the board, the number of layers, the size and density of components, and the capabilities of the manufacturing process. These factors collectively determine the ability to achieve the desired aspect ratio and can significantly affect the overall functionality and quality of the PCB.

The aspect ratio holds significance in various aspects of PCB design. In through-hole technology, it determines the depth of the hole and the length of the component lead that needs to be inserted. For surface mount technology, it influences the height of the component and the amount of solder required for proper connection. In high-speed design, the aspect ratio plays a crucial role in maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal loss. Additionally, the aspect ratio affects thermal management by impacting the heat dissipation capabilities of the PCB.

Designers must carefully consider the aspect ratio to ensure the creation of high-quality, reliable PCBs that meet the specific requirements of their application. By striking a balance between the desired aspect ratio and the capabilities of the manufacturing process, designers can optimize the manufacturability, reliability, and performance of the PCB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Aspect Ratio Is Important in PCB

The aspect ratio of a PCB is crucial in the plating process as it determines the effectiveness of copper plated holes. It becomes increasingly challenging to achieve reliable plating as the aspect ratio increases.

What Is the Best Aspect Ratio for PCB

The aspect ratio for standard drilling in PCBs is typically limited to 10:1. However, at Tempo, we utilize advanced drilling techniques that allow for a higher aspect ratio of 20:1. It’s important to note that if the hole size is below 0.006″, laser drilling is necessary, which has a lower aspect ratio of 2:1.

How Do You Calculate Aspect Ratio in PCB Design

This ratio can be determined in PCB design by dividing the thickness of the board by the diameter of the drilled hole. A higher value indicates a smaller diameter for the thickness, while a lower value indicates a larger diameter.

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