What is B-Stage Resin

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-08-28

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What is B-Stage Resin

B-Stage Resin, also known as prepreg, is a type of resin that is in an intermediate state of cure. It is commonly used in the laminating process, where the resin undergoes further curing to complete the process. B-Stage Resin is typically applied to sheet materials, such as glass cloth, and impregnated with the resin. This partially cured resin possesses the unique property of softening within a specific temperature range, allowing for ease of handling and lamination during the manufacturing process. It serves as a bonding agent, enabling the assembly of cured laminate sheets to form multi-layer boards. The term “prepreg” is often used interchangeably with B-Stage Resin in the industry.

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