What is Build Time (Lead Time)

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Last Updated: 2023-09-18

What is Build Time (Lead Time)

Build Time (Lead Time) is the duration from the initiation of physical production to the completion of the manufacturing process for a PCB order. It encompasses both the fabrication and assembly stages, representing the time it takes for the PCBs to be manufactured and prepared for delivery.

The build time is influenced by various factors that impact the production timeline. Firstly, the time of order payment plays a role, as orders paid before a specific cutoff time are typically processed on the same day. However, orders placed after the cutoff time or on weekends and public holidays are processed on the next business day. This indicates that the build time does not include non-business days and only considers the time during which the manufacturing facility is operational.

Additionally, the complexity and quantity of the PCB order can affect the build time. High-volume orders or orders with intricate designs may require more time for production. Furthermore, certain exceptions can lead to longer lead times. These exceptions include providing special instructions, inconsistent or ambiguous data in design files, and the need for confirmation to process orders. These factors suggest that the build time can be influenced by the specific requirements and complexities of each order.

To help customers plan their projects and manage expectations, the PCB manufacturer provides information on build times. Customers can check the build time information on the PCB Quote page, which includes details on quantity, complexity, and assembly processes that can impact the production timeline. Additionally, customers can track the real-time production status of their orders from the Order History page, allowing them to monitor the progress and estimated completion time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Lead Time for PCB Production

When you order PCB prototypes, you have the option to select from a range of production lead times, starting from as short as 5 days. These lead times provide you with the flexibility to choose the delivery date for your prototypes, ensuring they arrive on time. The available lead times range from 5 to 20 business days and cover the production of PCBs.

What Is the Lead Time in Assembly

The lead time in assembly refers to the duration needed to manufacture and deliver a product, assuming all necessary materials are accessible. It encompasses all the steps involved in the production process, including subassembly and final assembly.

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