What is Bulge

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-09-18

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What is Bulge

Bulge is a swelling or protrusion that occurs on a printed board. This bulging is typically caused by internal de-lamination or separation of fibers within the board. Bulges can negatively impact the functionality and reliability of the PCB.

When a printed board experiences internal de-lamination or fiber separation, it can create areas of weakness or instability within the board structure. Over time, these weakened areas may result in a bulge forming on the surface of the board. This bulge can be visually identified as a raised or swollen section.

The presence of a bulge on a PCB is a cause for concern as it can indicate potential issues with the board’s structural integrity. It may lead to further problems such as compromised electrical connections, increased susceptibility to mechanical stress, or even complete failure of the board.

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