What is Cable

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-09-18

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What is Cable

A cable refers to a collection of electrical wires that are combined into a single unit. These cables transmit signals or provide power within a circuit board. The wires within the cable are enclosed in a protective sleeve made of materials like vinyl, rubber, or flexible conduit. This sleeve acts as insulation and shields the wires from external factors such as dust, dirt, smoke, and flames, ensuring their durability and reliability.

The assembly of multiple wires into a cable facilitates easier installation, replacement, and maintenance. Each individual wire within the cable may have a specific function, such as carrying data signals or supplying power. This organization allows for efficient and organized wiring within the PCB.

To avoid wiring errors and ensure accurate connections, designers often utilize cable drawings. These drawings provide visual references, guiding designers in creating precise and error-free cable connections. By following these drawings, the risk of circuit board malfunctions and compromised functionality is minimized.

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