What is Cast Adhesive

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-09-25

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What is Cast Adhesive

Cast adhesive refers to a specialized sheet adhesive material utilized in the bonding process of polyimide multi-layer boards and flexi-rigids. It serves a similar purpose to prepreg, which is commonly known as B-Stages. Cast adhesive is specifically designed for the assembly of flexible printed circuit boards and ensures the reliability and performance of these boards.

Manufacturers often employ adhesive-based flex cores to produce various types of flex PCBs. While these cores may have some reliability concerns, they are typically suitable for use in environments that do not involve harsh conditions. Adhesive-based flex cores are commonly utilized in the production of single and double-sided flex PCBs. In cases where a PCB requires enhanced copper peel strength or when a cost-effective solution is sought, the implementation of cast adhesive becomes a preferred choice.

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