What is Connector Area

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-11-06

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What is Connector Area

Connector area is the region on a circuit board where connectors are positioned or located. It is the designated space where connectors are placed to establish electrical connections. The connector area ensures proper connectivity and functionality of the PCB.

When considering the placement of connectors in the connector area, it’s important to position connectors away from the board edge, preferably on one side of the board. This guideline helps to prevent interference with other components and ensures proper clearance for the connectors.

In addition to the board edge, scoring techniques used for PCB panelization also influence the connector area. V-scoring, which involves creating V-grooves on the PCB, facilitates the separation of individual boards after manufacturing. Jump scoring, on the other hand, adds extended edges to prevent sagging during wave soldering. These scoring techniques need to be taken into account when determining the placement of connectors within the connector area.

Furthermore, placing connectors further away from the board edge allows for sufficient vertical space, ensuring that the connectors do not interfere with other components or create assembly issues.

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