What is Cut

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-11-20

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What is Cut

In PCB, cut is the process of physically dividing or separating a printed circuit board into smaller pieces or shapes. This step is crucial in the PCB assembly process, allowing the PCBs to fit correctly into electronic devices. The cutting process involves creating clean and straight lines to achieve the desired shape or size of the PCB.

To ensure accuracy and precision in the cutting process, it is recommended to mark out the outline of the shape to be cut using a sharpie and a straight edge. This serves as a guide for the cuts, ensuring that the final result meets the required specifications.

Safety precautions are essential during the cutting process, as cutting tools can be dangerous if not handled properly. Following all relevant safety instructions when using cutting tools to prevent accidents is important.

Cutting a PCB offers the advantage of customization and adaptation to specific project requirements, allowing for the development of more versatile projects. In a manufacturing setting, specialized machines and tools are often used for cutting PCBs. For DIY purposes, common tools like utility knives, drills, and tin snippers can be used to cut PCBs at home.

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