What is Dual Solder Wave

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-04

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What is Dual Solder Wave

Dual solder wave is a wave soldering technique which involves the utilization of two separate solder waves during the soldering process. Unlike traditional wave soldering with a single wave, the dual solder wave technique offers enhanced soldering capabilities.

The first wave, known as the multi-directional jet, ensures that solder is deposited on all contacted surfaces. This initial wave is followed by the second wave, which is flat in shape. The purpose of the second wave is to provide a finishing touch by removing any solder bridges or icicles that may have formed during the first wave.

The agitation provided by the dual waves helps dislodge trapped flux gas that can form during wave contact. This agitation also forces solder into areas with poor wetting angles, improving the overall wetting process and ensuring proper solder flow and adhesion to the PCB components.

The dual solder wave technique is particularly well-suited for surface mount soldering applications. It can be used with surface mount technology (SMT) to achieve high-quality solder joints.

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