What is Dummy Component

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-04

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What is Dummy Component

A dummy component is a non-functional mechanical sample that is used to simulate the physical presence of actual electronic components during the manufacturing and testing processes. These components are designed to have the same physical dimensions and characteristics as real components but do not contain a live die inside.

Dummy components can test the fit and alignment of components on a PCB, verify the mechanical integrity of the PCB assembly, and provide a representative load for thermal testing. They can be found in different package types, such as CSP (Chip Scale Package), BGA (Ball Grid Array), QFP (Quad Flat Pack), SO (Small Outline), and more.

Dummy components can also represent passive components like resistors and capacitors. They can be supplied in tape and reel packaging, which facilitates their handling and storage.

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