What is Extra Press Cycles

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-11

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What is Extra Press Cycles

Extra press cycles are additional passes through the pressing cycle that are required when producing multi-layer circuit boards with blind and/or buried vias. A standard multi-layer PCB typically undergoes a single pressing cycle. However, in the case of multi-layer boards with blind or buried vias, it becomes necessary to pass the board through the pressing cycle multiple times. This process, known as Sequential Buildup, involves adding layers to the board one at a time, with each layer requiring an additional press cycle.

These extra press cycles introduce additional costs and lead time to the production process. It is important to account for these extra cycles when providing order details, as they impact the overall manufacturing timeline and pricing. The need for extra press cycles arises from the complexity of creating multi-layer boards with blind and buried vias, which require precise alignment and pressing to ensure proper functionality.

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