What is IPC-D-356

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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What is IPC-D-356

IPC-D-356, or IPC-356, is a file format for electrical testing purposes. It serves as a supplement to Gerber files by providing netlist descriptions. The primary objective of IPC-D-356 is to establish a standardized format for representing bare board test information.

The IPC-D-356 file contains essential information required for the testing of bare PCBs during the manufacturing process. This includes netlist information, XY coordinates, and references to pins and other components. By storing all this information in a single consistent file, IPC-D-356 ensures that a test system has access to everything it needs to perform a thorough bare board check.

When an IPC-D-356 file is opened, it extracts the bare-board test pads from both the top and bottom sides of the PCB. These test pads are then placed on the respective Test pads layers. Each test pad is associated with a net name, designator, and pin number, providing crucial details for the testing process.

To ensure comprehensive access to the necessary information, the complete IPC-D-356 file is typically attached to the product, alongside the extracted test pads. This allows manufacturers to refer to the complete file if needed.

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