What is Jumper

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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What is Jumper

A jumper is a small electrical device used to establish or interrupt a connection between two points on a printed circuit board to configure settings in computer peripherals and resolve layout issues in printed wiring.

A jumper typically consists of electrically conductive jumper pins and a jumper box. The jumper pins are mounted vertically on the PCB and are separated from each other by a non-conductive material. The jumper box, made of an electrically conductive material, covers the pins and creates an electrical connection between them. This connection can be either closed or open, depending on whether the pins are covered or not.

Closed jumpers occur when the pins are covered with a jumper box, resulting in an electrical connection between them. This allows for the activation of specific settings in the connected equipment. On the other hand, open jumpers occur when the pins are not covered, resulting in no electrical connection.

Jumpers are widely used in the PCB industry to configure the settings of computer peripherals such as motherboards, sound cards, hard drives, and other components. They provide a convenient way to adjust settings without the need for complex circuit modifications. Additionally, in single-layer circuit boards, jumpers are used as short lengths of wire soldered between two points to permanently close a circuit.

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