What is Layer Sequence

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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What is Layer Sequence

Layer sequence is the specific order or arrangement of the copper layers within a printed circuit board. A PCB is composed of multiple layers, each serving a distinct purpose in the overall functionality of the board. These layers include conductive copper layers, insulating substrate, and other components.

The layer sequence determines the stacking order and positioning of these layers within the PCB. It is crucial in establishing the interconnection of components and the flow of electrical signals within the board. The arrangement of the copper layers is essential for ensuring proper functionality and performance of the PCB.

The number of copper layers in a PCB is used to classify the board. For instance, a PCB with one or two copper layers is commonly referred to as a “1-layer PCB” or a “2-layer PCB,” respectively. PCBs with more than two copper layers are identified by the number of copper layers they possess, such as a “4-layer PCB.”

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