What is Board Type (Single Unit and Panel)

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-09-25

What is Board Type (Single Unit and Panel)

Board Type (Single Unit and Panel) refers to the different configurations for manufacturing and assembling circuit boards. In the context of PCB panelization, there are two common board types: Single Unit and Panel.

Single Unit board configuration involves placing a single circuit board with a unique design. This type of configuration is typically used when the individual board size is large or for low-volume board assemblies. It offers simplicity and ease of handling, as each board is separate and independent.

Panel board configuration, on the other hand, involves replicating multiple boards with the same design on a larger panel. This type of panelization is commonly used in manufacturing industries. It provides compatibility regardless of product combination and fabrication guidelines, ensuring consistent quality in the final product. Although there may be some challenges in processing panelized boards, the overall quality remains unaffected.

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