What is Component Side

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-10-24

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What is Component Side

The component side is the side of a PCB where the majority of the electronic components are placed and soldered. It is commonly known as the primary side of the PCB, containing the most complex or major components. On this side, through-hole components are typically present, which are components with leads that pass through holes in the PCB and are soldered on the opposite side. This side is also referred to as the “top side” when through-hole components are present.

Proper component placement on the component side is crucial for effective routing, signal integrity, and minimizing electromagnetic interference (EMI). Aligning similar components in the same direction on the component side facilitates efficient routing and optimized layout, reducing the length of traces and improving overall performance. Incorrect component placement can lead to signal integrity issues, EMI problems, and potential component failures.

Manufacturers oversee the component placement process to ensure error-free soldering during assembly. Mechanical orientation of the components affects the efficiency of the soldering process and ease of assembly, impacting assembly time and cost. Testing methods are employed to detect any incorrect placement or faulty components, ensuring proper component alignment and functionality.

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