What is Controlled Dielectric

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-11-06

What is Controlled Dielectric

Controlled dielectric is an approach used in the design and fabrication of printed circuit boards. It involves the precise specification of the thickness of insulating layers between signal and power or ground planes. This approach aims to eliminate guesswork and ensure consistent performance by maintaining a specific dielectric constant within a certain percentage range.

By employing the controlled dielectric approach, PCB layout designers can effectively manage impedance calculations and maintain signal integrity. The dielectric constant, or Dk, of the PCB substrate is a critical parameter that affects the electrical properties of the board. By specifying that the dielectric constant remains within a certain percentage of a specific value, designers can ensure consistent electrical characteristics throughout the PCB.

This approach is particularly important in high-speed digital and RF applications, where maintaining controlled impedance is crucial for reliable signal transmission and minimizing signal degradation. By specifying the precise copper weights and dielectric thicknesses for each layer, designers can achieve the desired impedance value and ensure optimal performance.

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