What is Cut-and-clinch

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-11-20

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What is Cut-and-clinch

Cut-and-clinch is a mechanism or process used to cut and secure the lead ends of electrical components that have been inserted into a circuit board. This mechanism combines cutting and clinching functions to securely hold the components in place on the printed circuit board.

The cut-and-clinch mechanism consists of a vertically reciprocable spindle and an attached cut and clinch head assembly. The spindle can be rotated to accommodate components placed in various orientations on the printed circuit board. Once the spindle is raised into contact with the underside of the board and the components are inserted into the cut and clinch head assembly, a fluid actuated spreader rod extends to operate the cut and clinch head assembly for cutting and then clinching the leads. The remaining scrap lead portions are disposed of through a scrap chute connected to a collection means.

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