What is Exotherm

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-11

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What is Exotherm

Exotherm is the characteristic curve of a resin during the curing process, specifically showing the reaction of temperature versus time. This curve provides valuable insights into the thermodynamic behavior of the resin as it undergoes the curing process.

During the curing process, a resin undergoes various chemical reactions that result in the formation of a solid and stable material. These reactions are typically exothermic, meaning they release heat. The exothermic nature of the curing process is reflected in the exotherm curve, which shows the temperature changes over time.

The exotherm curve helps in monitoring and controlling the curing process. By analyzing the curve, manufacturers can ensure that the resin cures properly without any issues such as overheating or incomplete curing. It allows for the optimization of curing parameters, such as temperature and time, to achieve the desired material properties.

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