What is Gerber Viewers

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-25

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What is Gerber Viewers

Gerber viewers are software applications or tools specifically designed to open and view Gerber files. Gerber files serve as the standard file format used to describe the manufacturing data of a printed circuit board (PCB). These viewers are crucial in the PCB design and manufacturing process by allowing users to visualize and analyze the different layers, components, and manufacturing specifications of a PCB.

Gerber viewers can be either installed software applications or online tools. Installed software applications are traditional programs that require installation on a computer, while online tools can be accessed through a web browser without the need for installation. This flexibility in access makes Gerber Viewers convenient and accessible for users.

When selecting a Gerber viewer, compatibility with different file formats is essential to ensure that the viewer can open and display the specific Gerber files being worked with. Popular modern file types like HPGL/HPGL-2 and Excellon should be supported to ensure compatibility with industry standards.

Secondly, precision in viewing is important. Good Gerber Viewers should provide features for zooming and precision measurements, allowing users to closely inspect circuits and identify any errors or issues that need to be rectified.

Lastly, broad printer compatibility is crucial. Gerber Viewers should be compatible with a wide variety of printers and offer various printing options to accommodate different printer models.

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