What is Grid

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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What is Grid

Grid refers to a system of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines or points that serve as a reference for precise positioning and alignment of components and features on a PCB. This grid system is a tool in PCB design CAD tools, providing a structured layout similar to a city grid plan.

The grid allows designers to organize and align components and nets, ensuring proper spacing and alignment for functional and manufacturability purposes. By snapping components and nets to the grid, designers can easily locate and move elements within the design, improving efficiency and reducing errors. The grid also facilitates the addition of new circuitry, as designers can align new components and traces with the existing grid.

The grid can be customized to different length units, such as inch (“), mil, µm, and mm, based on project requirements. It can be displayed in various ways, including lines, points, or invisible, and can be accompanied by crosshairs for further precision during the layout process. Additionally, the grid can have a relative origin, allowing designers to set a reference point different from the absolute zero coordinates.

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