What is Lot

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

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What is Lot

Lot refers to a specific quantity of circuit boards that are manufactured together in a single production run and share a common design. It is essentially a batch of PCBs that are produced simultaneously using the same design files and specifications.

The practice of manufacturing PCBs in lots offers several advantages. It allows for efficient production as multiple PCBs can be manufactured at the same time, reducing overall production time. This is particularly beneficial when large quantities of PCBs are required. Secondly, manufacturing PCBs in lots ensures consistency in the manufacturing process. Since all the PCBs in a lot are produced using the same design and manufacturing parameters, it helps in maintaining quality control and minimizing variations between individual PCBs.

To keep track of the production history and associated information, each lot of PCBs is typically assigned a unique lot number or code. This lot number serves as an identification and tracking mechanism, enabling manufacturers to monitor and manage the specific batch of PCBs throughout the production process. It helps record quality control data, track issues or defects, and facilitate traceability.

The concept of lot is not limited to just the manufacturing stage. It also extends to other stages of the PCB production process, such as PCB assembly and testing. For instance, components are often purchased and sourced in lots to ensure consistency in component quality and compatibility with the PCB design.

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