What is Edge-Board Connector

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-04

What is Edge-Board Connector

An edge-board connector, also known as an edge connector, is specifically designed to connect a PCB to another device or component. The connector itself consists of a plastic box with pins on the inside, which are strategically positioned to make contact with the edge of the PCB. They provide a reliable and robust connection between the PCB and external devices or components. The connectors are often designed with polarity keying, ensuring proper insertion and alignment.

However, direct access to the PCB may not always be desirable due to concerns about potential damage or the need for additional protection. Additionally, the contact life of edge connectors is generally shorter compared to other connector alternatives, which may require more frequent replacement.

Edge-board connectors are widely used in the electronics industry, particularly in applications such as personal computers and expansion peripheral technologies. Their cost-effectiveness, simplicity, and reliability make them a popular choice for connecting PCBs to other devices or components.

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