What is Flying Probe Tester

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2023-12-12

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What is Flying Probe Tester

A flying probe tester, (FPT) is an advanced testing equipment alternative to the traditional bed of nails fixture test method, where probes are employed instead of a fixed bed of nails. The FPT is equipped with four headers that can move swiftly along the X-Y axis.

During the testing process, the unit under test (UUT) is conveyed to the internal tester, either through a conveyor belt or other UUTs. The probes on the flying probe tester establish contact with the test pads and vias on the UUT to identify any potential defects. These probes are connected to drivers, such as signal generators and power supplies, through a multiplexing system. Additionally, sensors like digital multimeters and frequency counters are utilized to enable the testing of various components within the UUT.

The flying probe tester is capable of testing for shorts, opens, and component values, ensuring the integrity and functionality of the PCB. Moreover, it is equipped with a camera that aids in the detection of missing components and inspection of component polarity. The high positioning accuracy and repeatability of the probes, with a scope between 5μm and 15μm, enable precise testing of the fabrication situation of the UUT.

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