What is Insulation Resistance

By Bester PCBA

Last Updated: 2024-01-02

What is Insulation Resistance

Insulation resistance is the measurement of the resistance of the insulation material used in electrical devices, parts, and equipment. It determines the effectiveness of the insulation in preventing hazards such as electric shock and short-circuits.

Insulation resistance is typically measured in ohms (Ω), with higher values indicating more effective insulation. The measurement is performed using portable insulation resistance testers and megohmmeters, specifically designed to assess the condition of the insulation over time.

Regular measurement of insulation resistance is important as the insulation material can degrade over time, increasing the risk of ground faults or electric shocks. By monitoring the insulation resistance, PCB manufacturers and users can identify any degradation or deterioration in the insulation material and take appropriate actions, such as repairing or replacing the insulation, to maintain the safety and reliability of the electrical devices and equipment.

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